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Hand Dyed Silk Velvet

Each background is individually Hand-Dyed so is a unique feature of your embroidery.

The rich and vibrant colours resulting from the Hand-Dying process enhance the colour of the gold or silver materials used.

As one line of couched thread shows more against the richer colours of the background, a lighter more open approach to design is possible. This allows additional features to be added to the original design without the need for new areas to be filled with intensive stitching.

The thick pile of the material adds to the sumptuous feel and look of the finished embroidery, and also provides for the more adventurous to machine embroider deep into the material before stitching the goldwork design.  This gives another dimension to the design, making your embroidery unique.

The silk is heavily textured in the course of the dying process and as light sources change from natural to artificial or the sun angles across a framed picture in the course of the day, different highlights are picked out, making subtle changes to the look of the embroidery.  No glass please!!

Limited availability. We do not sell Hand Dyed velvet separately by mail order as each piece is unique, but usually a limited amount is made available at Shows, where you can judge for yourselves the unique features of Carolyn’s “Something Different”.